"traditional production methods are the norm in greece. local fresh sourcing isn’t the current fad, it’s how things have always been done."

About Extra Virgin Foods

Founded in 2011 by Paul Hatziiliades

Extra Virgin Foods was founded in 2011 by Paul Hatziiliades, but our roots stretch back two generations when Paul’s grandfather was marketing Olympic brand Greek foods in Greece following WWII.

Paul wanted to offer the wholesome and real avor found in the bounty of Greek foods to the USA consumer. Yet the challenge is Greek food companies are nearly all small mom and pop producers, who are not able to export to the US. Thus Americans don’t have access to Greek food products like they do Italian and other foods.

Extra Virgin foods works with smaller quality producers, to bring their products to the US. Extra Virgin Foods today sources, manufactures, and works directly with growers and producers to import a small but growing line of authentic Greek food items. Our key customers are supermarket retailers, retail and foodservice distributors, and club stores.

Company Philosophy

Only Authentic Quality Greek Products

Only Authentic Quality Greek Products

Did you know most of the “Kalamata” olives sold in the US aren’t from Greece (Turkey, Egypt, Morocco), same goes for the feta cheese (USA), Greek grape leaves (china) , “greek” orinis peppers (turkey), and NONE of the Greek Yogurt is Greek (USA). Extra Virgin Foods only sells authentic Greek goods, with the highest quality, and excellent taste, we feel it is time Americans discover true Greek food.

No preservatives

As a company, we do not accept preservatives in any of our premium Olympiana branded foods.* We believe food should be wholesome and as nature intended.

Direct Sourcing - Value Pricing

We deal direct with the source, and sometimes we become the source. We have an extensive full time presence in Greece, and our buyers are usually in the elds or in the production, rather than in an o ce. When comparing apples to apples, our pricing cannot be beat.

Premium Packaging

We strive to present the unique bounty of Greece’s farmlands to the American consumer with attractive packaging that will entice them to try our delicious and wholesome products.

The Original Mediterranean Diet

Greek Food

Greece is a treasure trove for the natural and organic food lover. In recent years medical study after medical study has hailed the bene ts of the Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, natural cheese, fresh extra virgin olive oil, sh, limited red meat, and plenty of organic wine. Traditional production methods are the norm Local fresh sourcing isn’t the current fad , its how things have always been done.

All our food is GMO Free .

Greece is an original member of the EU, despite the majority of production being from small high quality producers, food safety, child labor, and other laws are modern and compatible with the US market.

Meet The People

Paul Hatziiliades

Founder & President/CEO 

Born into a family of farmers and food merchants, Paul does everything from meeting with growers, working with customers, to designing new packaging or recipes. During the harvest you will nd him in Greece either in the olive mill, or amongst the trees ensuring the olive fruit is brought to the mill as soon as possible. 
Paul, has been “in the kitchen”, so to speak, his entire life. As the founder of a two time Best of Boston winning luxury kitchen manufacturing company in Boston, his kitchen showroom used to host Mr. Billy Costa’s TV Diner television show, where he saw chef legends on weekly basis, names like Ming Tsai, Jody Adams, Ana Sortun, and Todd English. This was his start in the food business as he began selling his olive oil to the chefs he met in his showroom during lming. 
Paul is passionate about quality and spends about half the year in Greece, and the rest in the US with his customers. Other than food, his other passions are his two young daughters, and sailing the beautiful Aegean Sea 

Thanasis Golias 

Purchasing Director, Extra Virgin Foods Greece 

Born in New York, but having lived most of his life in Greece working for food producers, Thanasis has a unique perspective on both the American market, and Greek production. He is the director of our Greece o ce, based in Thessaloniki, and works tirelessly to source the nest quality and pricing . 
He was previously export manager of a respected producer of deli salads, and also served on the board of SEVE, a non-pro t group promoting Greek exports. Thanasi is also frequently an invited speaker at food tradeshows, on the subject of Kosher certi cation for producers. 

“ we deal direct with the source, and sometimes we become the source! We have an extensive fulltime presence in Greece, and our buyers are usually in the fields rather than in the office. ”