Greece eats more cheese per capita than any country in the world, and it is nearly all sheep and goat’s milk cheese. Due to our rocky terrain, as a nation we always relied on free grazing grass fed sheep and goat for our milk. 
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Greece is the undisputed leader in premium table olive cultivation. From the #1 selling famous Kalamata Olive, to the Green Halkidiki olive. 
Consistently sourcing the nest quality olives is
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Genuine Greek Yogurt is yogurt made in Greece, typically from Grass fed cows or sheep milk, that
is strained in fabric cheesecloth bags for over 40 hours. The bags being tightened every night by hand to strain the whey out. This concentrate... See More

Grown on Evia island Greece, recognized in Europe as the nest dried gs in the world, our Olympiana Jumbo White gs boast a thin delicate skin, and a delicious sweet taste. Their appearance is a dazzling golden white, and are very large.

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First and foremost we are olive oil lovers, We are intimately involved in the production, harvesting, and selection of our oils, focusing on o ering the very best oils that our family and friends produce. We built our company with extra virgin oli... See More

Our Olympiana Fig Spread is the rst sweet
product we have produced. It’s a recipe from Maria Hatziiliades, Paul’s mother, and is the most delicious g preserve or marmalade on the market.
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Greece has delicious natural and organic vegetable production, and we include several items in our line. Free from preservatives, our roasted, steamed, pickled, and sundried vegetables are a cut above the mass market o erings. Our di erence is evi... See More


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