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Family Estate

Our oil is of a single family owned estate from a group of about 10,000 trees in thehillside village of Androussa, in Messinia, Greece, just outside Kalamata. Among Greek Olive oil “purists”, this region produces some of the most sought after Greek olive oil. Here in the hilly rocky, terrain we make oil from the most prized Greek olive variety for oil production, the small KalamataKorōnéiki olive. The high ratio of skin to flesh gives the oil its coveted aromatic qualities.

Sustainable Production- the Old World Way

Many of our trees are several hundred years old. We practice sustainable farming, we do not irrigate our trees, we do not spray, or fertilize. Unlike high density olive groves in New World olive oil regions such as California, Australia, or Chile, our trees are planted in low density groupings, which do not stress the land and bear fruit for hundreds of years.

In addition to being sustainable, our practices yield the finest oil, well drained rocky hillside olive groves that are not irrigated are known to provide the most flavorful oil, albeit at a lower yield.


Unbeknownst to most, extra virgin olive oil is a food that should be consumed fresh. The fresher the oil, the healthier, higher in polyphenols and antioxidants, and more intense the flavor. Over time heat, sunlight, and oxygen, will work to break down the oil, and reduce its health giving properties.


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