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Greece has eats more cheese per capita than any country in the world, and it is nearly all sheep and goat’s milk cheese. Due to our rocky terrain, as a nation we always relied on free grazing grass fed sheep and goat for our milk.
All of our cheeses are from smaller family producers, with the milk of free grazing mountain sheep, free of any milk powders or additives, and properly aged for maximum flavor. 

Olympiana Feta Cheese

Produced by father and son fourth generation cheese makers Petros and Kosta Avramides , in the beautiful byzantine town of Kastoria, famous for its unspoiled mountain beauty and fur trade. Our feta is genuine Greek sheep’s milk feta.

Packaging: 33lb bulk or 14oz  tray

Sfela Cheese

Ours is the only Sfela available in the USA, it is Kalamata’s local cheese, even more popular there than feta, as well as harder, and more flavorful. It is a semi-hard brine cheese, and offwhite in color. It is aged at least 3 months.

Packaging: 40lb bulk, 200 gram vacuum coming soon


Greece ‘s Gruyere like cheese, except it’s made of sheep’s milk. Our Graviera is made in Kalamata, and has won numerous awards. It is a delicious Graviera, with an excellent flavor profile. Graviera is hard, with a light yellow color, and has a slightly sweet and nutty taste.It is aged at least 5 months before coming to market.

Packaging: 5kg/ 11 lb wheel

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