Where to Buy Olympiana Authentic Greek Yogurt!

Our real imported Greek yogurt, the only true Greek yogurt sold in America, is now available in the greater Boston area at:

Marty’s Newton

Sofra Bakery Cambridge

Sofia’s Greek Pantry Belmont (upon request, she doesn’t advertise it)

Be Smart, Eat Smart, Eat Real Greek Yogurt

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The “Greek Yogurt” LIE

Photo taken after 40 hours of straining the whey out, our Real Olympiana Greek Yogurt is ready

Think you’ve eaten Greek yogurt? Think again, you’ve likely never tried real Greek yogurt.

How About Chobani and Fage?

Both of these companies are mass produced knockoffs, made in industrial machines, with additives such as pectin, gelatin, locust bean gum, etc.

They are not made in Greece, and they are not made the traditional way of making Greek Yogurt, which is by making yogurt with just real, fresh, liquid milk, and adding cultures, and straining it in a cheesecloth bag for 40+ hours!

How about my local Ethnic/Lebanese/Armenian/Greek shop selling “Homemade Greek Yogurt”?

These people should all be fined for false advertising. They are nearly all selling a Lebanese Labneh style product from either Karoun Dairies, Byblos, or Sadaf Foods, made in California. It comes in a 32lb large white bucket, with either red or yellow lettering.

The product is NOT strained, and it isn’t really true yogurt. Its made with:

Skim milk, milk powders, milk proteins, gelatin, pectin, and cream. This is NOT greek yogurt.

But, its delicious (of course it is, its all CREAM!!).

Where do I get Real Greek Yogurt?

In Greece of course, or in the USA, only our Olympiana brand of yogurt is made in Greece, the real way. Now in stock in the Boston region, available to chefs from Specialty Foods Boston, or to retailers through Seacrest Foods or Accardi Foods. 32lb and 10lb packaging.

Fresh Yogurt, at the start of straining process

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Extra Virgin Foods on TV!

A couple of the interviews we gave about our decision to stop working with Market Basket until ATD comes back!




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Arthur T Demoula’s is Coming Back !

I had a dream last week that a deal will be announced end of this week, I feel strongly it will be done, and this wonderful company that supports the New England economy, as well as the Greek economy by selling products from Greek farmers and producers, will be back in business.


Greek BBQ for Market Basket picketers at HQ yesterday

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Market Basket

Thousands of Market Basket Supporters in Tewksbury this morning

It is no secret that other than the chefs who helped start us in this business, and who continue to support us today, that Demoula’s Market Basket has helped our family business like no other.

Market Basket isn’t just a customer to us. From the first meeting I had with Bob Hartman, Mike Kettenbach, and Mr. Carignan, back on February 7th 2012, I knew this company was different.

Sure they negotiate hard, and they demand the best, but that’s my kind of customer! We offer the absolute best, and we take our work seriously, so it was a natural fit to work together.

Mutual Respect, Loyalty, Hard Work, Friendship, Professionalism. This is what I saw at Market Basket, and an opportunity to work with the best.

We are deeply saddened by what is going on, we at Extra Virgin Foods hope that a resolution will be achieved any day now. Until then, I know many of our customers have contacted us inquiring where our products can be found. We will respond to each email individually, thank you for your loyalty and interest in our products.



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Coming Soon…..America’s Only Authentic Greek Yogurt

Yogurt Straining in the workshop of our Greek cheesemaker. Each cloth bag will strain to about 300kg of real delicious Greek yogurt, made the exact same way we do in the villages!

For a product that is consumed by millions of Americans every day, and which new versions are popping up every day, it is remarkable that there is not a single authentic Greek yogurt sold in America.

Just think about that.

There is not one authentic Greek yogurt sold in America.

There I said it, and I’ll probably make some enemies among big dairy factories. I’m concerned that my heritage has been stolen by foreign companies for profit, and in the meantime, have watered down the quality and the essence of what makes Greek products Greek. Natural Ingredients, the Greek climate, and traditional production methods.

So what are those dozens of products with “GREEK” looking letters in front of them that are in your local supermarket aisle?  That’s a good question!

Well, the answer is, not Greek for one, and the quality varies from decent mass produced Greek style yogurts (Fage), to terrible, and laden with..Junk (nearly everything else).

Our Authentic Greek yogurt is :

From Grass Fed Milk

No Pectin

No Milk Powders

No thickeners

No stabilizers

Strained in an Actual Cheese Cloth Overnight the real way!

And of course, MADE IN GREECE!

Stay tuned, coming in limited release this summer 2014.

If you are a chef or retailer interested in carrying our yogurt, please let us know. Coming in 6oz retail cups, 10lb foodservice, and 32lb bulk.

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Get our Olive oil at STAR MARKET in the BOSTON AREA!

Star Market Chestnut Hill

We’re very pleased that Star Markets in:

Chestnut Hill,Porter Square, Mt. Auburn Cambridge, Prudential Boston, Brighton,  Belmont, Lexington Street Waltham, Mcgrath Highway Somerville.

have our olive oil tanks where you can get a bottle of our fresh single estate Olympiana Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil, as well as our Olympiana Florina Greek roasted peppers, our olive spread, and other items, depending on the store.

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Fig Harvest is Here!

Selecting the best dried Kimi figs

Fig harvest is here, the famous Jumbo white figs grown only on the island of Evia Greece are being readied for us. Throughout the two villages of Kimi and Taxiarchis, all the villagers, young and old, are working on the fig harvest.

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Easter Celebration with Tamarack Tunis Lamb

A baby Tunis Lamb

Greek Easter came and went, and for those of you who made it to our place, what a celebration it was! This year we sourced a true pasture raised lamb from Tamarack Tunis Sheep Farm in Corinth Vermont, as our good friend Chef Ana Sortun raves about their meat.

Paul, or own lamb expert, took a ride to Vermont to pickup 2 yearlings (yearling is a sheep that is about 8-14 months old). In our native Greece,” Ziyouri”, or a yearling, is the meat that connoisseurs eat, everyone fusses over getting a baby “milk fed” lamb, but if you want something special, and so incredibly tasty, get a “fat lamb” or yearling.

We want to say that Ben and Grace at Tamarack Tunis sell the real Mccoy, everyone claims to be natural, pasture raised, grassfed, I am normally leery about such marketing terms with food (just look at the scandals with naming extra virgin olive oil). I can say these people do what they say, and the product is what they say it is: Nothing less than some of the finest lamb available anywhere. Sure it costs a little more, but its well worth it.

Words cannot describe how good it was, it was that good! (and we’ve done well over 100 lamb roasts ).

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Cape Cod now with Ring Bros Wholesale!

Restaurants and hotels on Cape Cod now can access all of our products through Ring Bros wholesale, and home cooks can visit their wonderful retail store as well!


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Chobani is not “Greek” Yogurt

My pet peeve is the rampant and widespread misleading labeling and marketing of food. Whether it is poor olive oil being called extra virgin, a cows milk cheese made in Vermont or France being called “Feta”, or my favorite, the widespread craze sweeping the US over so called “Greek” yogurt.

Did you know there is not a single brand of Greek yogurt being sold in the USA at the moment? Not one.

The closest thing is FAGE/total, a Greek company, made in the USA, but with modern production methods.

Chobani, Oikos, and all the silly yogurts with cheesy “greek” style letters and logos are misleading people. Apparently the courts agree. Chobani lost a court case and can no longer call itself Greek yogurt. In addition to tasting nothing at all like Greek yogurt, not being made in Greece, and not being strained (it is thickened in a cream separator/centrifuge instead), it is made by a Turk (ironic for obvious reasons).


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Environmentally Friendly Olive BBQ Charcoal!

Coming soon, we will be back in stock of Olive BBQ Charcoal! Made from the recycled pits of Olives, left over from  olive oil production.

This is a wonderful product that is 100% natural, sustainable, recycled, and emits low Co2 (30% less than hardwood charcoal), and its long lasting, high heat, easy lighting, and has a wonderful delicate olive aroma!

This is the finest bbq charcoal in the world, and only available from Extra Virgin Foods!

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Kimi Figs, the tastiest figs in the world are here!

Sweet, delicious, huge Kimi Figs

Kimi Figs are known throughout Europe as a Protected Designation of Origin Product, they are only grown in the village of Kimi on the Greek island of Evia.

What makes them so special?

They are deliciously sweet, have a thin delicate skin, and are huge! The finest dried figs anywhere.

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Sophia’s Greek Pantry has our Cheeses!

Sophia is famous for making her own Greek yogurt

In addition to having our full bar of olive oils on tap, as well as all our olives, Sophia now has all our cheeses. Stop by and try our Feta, the best and most reasonably priced Authentic Greek feta anywhere!

265 Belmont St  Belmont, MA 02478

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Our Cheeses Available at Greek International Market West Roxbury!

Our cousin who owns the market, now has our cheeses!

Find our wonderful authentic Greek Feta (Olympiana Kozani), Graviera (Greek sheep/goat Gruyere), and our exclusive SFELA grilling cheese, a cross between Feta and Haloumi.

5204 Washington St  West Roxbury, MA 02132

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Early Harvest Unripe olives being harvested in Mt. Athos Greece

This is old news for us in the know, but it amazes me how few Americans still don’t know the benefits of consuming olive oil on a daily basis in their diet. The respected New England Journal of Medicine published their findings of a peer reviewed clinical study, once again proving the benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

And remember, if the olive oil is of dubious quality, you aren’t getting the benefits. Robust early harvest oils high in antioxidants and polyphenols, like our Early Harvest oils, are the best for your body, as we’ve discussed in previous posts.

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Our New Website is Up

Our new website is up!

We are still working out the kinks, but check back often, as our new video library will be coming, with videos from the producers making cheese, harvesting olives, and making fresh extra virgin olive oil!

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Order Eleones and Olympiana Evoo Online!

Christo’s Market now sells our evoo with convenient online ordering, and ships all over the USA!

We have discontinued our own amazon.com sales, to focus on our wholesale business, and since Christo’s does such a great job, we hope lovers of real fresh evoo will order from them.


christosmarket.com, the source for Olympiana and Eleones Products Online

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Extra Virgin Foods goes solar!

Following the lead of our family in Greece who just turned on a massive 5mw solar system, we are installing a solar power system on the roof of our Watertown facility. We will produce 100% of our own power, and also offer power to several local businesses. We plan to use 100% USA produced panels. Stay tuned for more information!

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Early Harvest Koroneiki Olives have the highest polyphenols (antioxidants)!

Early Harvest Koroneiki Olives have the highest polyphenol (antioxidant) levels

I came across this from a well respected book on olive varieties and olive horticulture, that discusses which olives produce oil highest in antioxidants.

Koreneiki olives, have a very high level of polyphenols (antioxidants), while Arbequina’s content is low. The content of Frantoio olives is medium-high and that of Leccino medium.
Time of Picking: Oil made from green (unripe) olives has more polyphenols than oil made from ripe olives.

So our Olympiana Early Harvest, especially our Olio Nuovo, is the highest in polyphenols and antioxidants of all the olive oils, as it is crushed from 100% Green Koroneiki olive fruit.

Sources: Tous, J. and L. Ferguson. 1996. Mediterranean fruits. p. 416-430. In: J. Janick (ed.) Nutritional composition of Mediterranean crops ). Source: Goulart (1980); Sawaya et al. (1983); Fernandez Diez (1983); IBPGR (1986); Morton (1987); Cantwell (1994).

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Our Evoo is now being delivered by bicycle!

Fresh, Sustainably Produced Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil now coming to our chefs by bicyle!

Our evoo is now being delivered to Cambridge, Somervile, and South End Boston restaurants by the cool human powered tricycles of Metro Pedal Power! They are quick, pollution free, and don’t clog our streets with big trucks. (I always laugh when I see a huge tractor trailer food distributor truck delivering 1 case, that’s really efficient eh?)

Check out today’s Boston Globe Article about Boston deliveries by bicycle.

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The Finest Table Olives you have ever tried!

Get ready to taste the most addictive, healthy, and delicious olives you’ve ever tried. This type of naturally cured olive is not usually available in the US,.

Our family’s own olives are almost here, from our own olive trees in Northern Greece, where my cousin Argyris produces the Eleones olive oil, come our sundried barrel olives. Cured solely with 100% Aegean sea salt, without acids, chemicals, lye, no heat, no potassium, not even vinegar is added. These fruity delicious olives just finished a six month process in wooden barrels packed with sea salt, which were rolled weekly, then sundried. YUMMY!

Sundired Barrel Olives, 100% Natural, Available for the first time in the USA

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We like what we know, and American’s know Bad Olive Oil….

Just like you probably didn’t start drinking the biggest and boldest high-end wines, and may have started in a college dorm room drinking “White Zin” from a box, this is how olive oil goes as well, and 90% of what you buy in the supermarket is the olive oil cousin of that “White Zin in a Box”!

(excerpt from UC DAVIS Study on American Olive Oil Tastes) “Familiarity is also a critical factor; we like what we know. This issue looms large in olive oil preferences, because what we know (and therefore what we like) may not be good characteristics for an olive oil. One of the ironies of having a long-standing tradition of olive oil in your country is that it may have led to everyone developing a taste for defective olive oil. In days of yore, when a farmer had to rely on his family for harvest labor and on his donkey for transport to the communal mill, virtually all the olive oil was fusty because the olives sat around for days or even weeks before being processed. That was simply what olive oil tasted like, and everyone liked it. In a sense this has happened in the US as well. American consumers are most likely to purchase their oils in a supermarket from a large import company.” Most of the oil in those containers is fusty, buttery, old, and rancid, in short, all the things that you know to be Olive Oil!

Our Olio Nuovo’s and early harvest oils might seem to be “Green Monsters” to you, strong, pungent, and bitter. Bitter has a negative connotation, right? Not in olive oil. It means the oil is high in polyphenols, phytosterols, and anti-oxidants, and it is healthy for you.

American's have become conditioned to questionable "Extra Virgin" Olive Oil

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Debra’s Natural Gourmet has our Olive Oil Bar!

You can now try before you buy our fresh genuine extra virgin olive oils every day at Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord. In addition to our on-tap refill program, Debra also has our pre-bottled evoo, including the rare Eleones Mt. Athos Early Harvest, in a beautiful bottle perfect for gift giving to an EVOO aficionado!

Debra’s Natural Gourmet
98 Commonwealth Ave
Concord, MA 01742
(978) 371-7573

Cousin Argyris, farmer and producer of the Eleones olive oils, with our olive oil bar

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Our EVOO feautured in Improper Bostonian!

The Improper Bostonian published this piece in their magazine, as a very small business, we don’t have an ad agency or publicist, we’re thrilled that this writer notice our family’s products by word of mouth!

Thanks Improper for sharing real and healthy evoo with your readers!

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Mainland Greek Olive Oils have the lowest incidence of fraud


Well it seems it isn’t just the Italians and to a lesser extent, the Cretans, who commit Olive oil fraud, the Spanish authorities just broke up a large ring that was blending other inferior oils.

If you browse the internet, you’ll see plenty of stories of Italian, Spanish, and the occasional Crete producers getting into the olive oil fraud game (last month they caught two ships with Moroccan olive oil delivering to Crete producers). This is almost unheard of in our villages in Kalamata, and even rarer with the limited production olive oil we produce in the north in Halkidki, Mt. Athos.

Spanish Authorities Discover Massive Spanish Olive Oil Fraud

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Extra Virgin Ale is Here!

Olympiana "Extra Virgin Ale" Next to Big Brother, Early Harvest Evoo!

To celebrate our new harvest olive oils, our 2012 Extra Virgin Ale is bottled, conditioned, and ready to drink! I brew it in small batches and give it as gifts to friends and loyal chefs we work with.

This year’s beer is spectacular, in my humble opinion. It is about 9% abv, uses a Belgian trappist yeast, and has some nice subtle flavors to it.

As the bottle says, it pleases your palate, and soothes your soul!

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2011 Olio Nuovo, Early Harvest Oil is Here!

What is Olio Nuovo?

Known as Agoureleo in Greek, this is the first oil of the season, made from unripe, green olives.

Why is it so special?

This oil is the best, greenest, most intense, healthiest oil of the season. It is the highest in antioxidants, polyphenols, and plant sterols.

But the best part of all is the taste, the quintessential finishing olive oil, it doesn’t get better than this!

Available direct from us, as well as select retailers. If you love intensely green, and bold oils, you must try this!

We produced less than 2,000 bottles.

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Wayland Winter’s Farmers Market Every Saturday!

It will be a winter wonderland in the Russel Garden Center Greenhouses every Saturday through early March!

We will have our homemade Greek yogurt, olives, homemade Tzatziki spread, and of course, of our own olive oils. In two weeks we will have a full olive oil bar! With all our latest September and November 2011 Olio Nuovo and Early Harvest oils, you’ve got to try them, they are truly world class olive oils. And since you are buying grower direct, our prices are phenomenal values.

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Where is Mt. Athos?

Above is a fascinating 60 minute (CBS) segment on Mt. Athos, Halkidiki, Northern Greece. Mt. Athos is the name of the third peninsula in the Halkidiki region in Northern Greece. It is also the name of the autonomous monastic Orthodox Christian state on that peninsula, which is closed to the outside world, and open only to Orthodox Christian men visitors who must apply for a visa from the monks.

Our Eleones Mt. Athos evoo combines olives from the groves of the Bouras family on this peninsula, before the monastic “border” on the lower part of the peninsula, as well as olives we source from the monks. The monks have the best olives, as their unmatched discipline and work ethic results in absolute perfection in the olives they bring us.

We are the only suppliers of this kind of olive oil in the USA. It is very unique and flavorful.

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Eleones Mt. Athos Early Harvest 2011 Is Coming!

Unripe Hontroelia olive used for Eleones Mt. Athos Early Harvest

The rarest, most intense of all Greek olive oil has been harvested, milled, and is now bottled and en-route to us. It is true “agourelaio” or Olio Nuovo as the Italians say. The first oil from unripe, green olives, and meticulously harvested one by one by hand.

Dec. 2011 Early Harvest Lab Results from Greece’s most respected olive oil test lab, certified by the International Olive Oil Council. This oil has an acidity of just .14%, and an ultra low peroxide level of 4.5. This puts it into the ultra-premium category of extra virgin olive oils. The lab technician told us this was “one of the finest oils they saw this year”, and this lab sees thousands of samples from all over Greece.

This oil will be available in 375ml retail bottles, and 500ml bottles for our chef clients. We only produced 2,400 bottles for the year, and we are now accepting reservations. This is the perfect gift for the true olive oil connoisseur.

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Tom Mueller Publishes “Extra Virginity”

Tom Mueller is the author that wrote the New Yorker Article “Slippery Business” , which was the first time most Americans heard the truth about the olive oil they are buying.

Mueller just released a book, titled Extra Virginity, a fascinating journey into the business, history, and more, of this wonderful food which dates back to ancient times.

Amazon.com is now selling the book.

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How Good is your Olive Oil, One Cough, Two Cough, Three Cough??

Ever wonder about that peppery and irresistible urge to cough you feel at the back of your throat when you slurp some extra virgin olive oil?

If you’re EVOO junkies like us (and who isn’t?) the answer is probably yes.

A receptor in the back of the throat seems to recognize an anti-inflammatory agent in extra-virgin olive oil.

Ever try to swallow an ibuprofen tablet when you didn’t have a glass of water around –- and ended up with a burning pain at the back of your throat that took hours to go away? We’ve had that happen too.

Well, it turns out in a weird coincidence that both sensations are caused by the same thing —- something called the TRPA1 receptor.
That’s interesting to scientists, because the common link is one of the most important phenomena in medicine – inflammation, and chemicals that dampen it.

Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center and coworkers have discovered that those back-of-the-throat receptors recognize a anti-inflammatory agent in EVOO called oleocanthal. The chemical is a potent inhibitor of an inflammatory enzyme called COX (cyclooxygenase). And that’s just how ibuprofen works to reduce inflammation.

Back to that EVOO cough. Connoisseurs of olive oil know that the cough response is a marker for how pungent the oil is – a sign of purity. They even rate EVOOs as one-cough, two-cough, even three-cough….

Read the full article

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Eleones Mt. Athos featured evoo at Ferran Adria, “Worlds Greatest Chef” Dinner at Harvard University

Last week our friend the ultra talented Jason Bond of Bondir cooked for an event “featuring some of today’s leading gastronomic experts”. Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli fame, was on-hand, as were others.

“Ferran Adria has been called the world’s greatest chef. He is certainly one of the most creative. Gourmet magazine referred to Adria as “the Salvador Dali­ of the kitchen”. His former restaurant, El Bulli, was best restaurant in the world by the prestigious Restaurant magazine. ”

Our rare Eleones of Mt. Athos oil is made from Hontroelia. This years harvest has been exceptionally difficult, but we are pleased to say that we have produced about 1,985 liters of the finest Agoureleo or First Harvest oil, (Olio Nuovo in italian), which will here here in late January.

Eleones Mt. Athos Evoo on the beautiful spread

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Mt. Athos Halkidki Evoo is Here!!!

We are the only source of olive oil from this region anywhere outside Greece.

Halkidiki is a beautiful area marked by a trio of peninsulas. The exclusive cultivar in this region is the Hontrolelia, the large Green edible olives. Together with the Bouras family, we selected olives directly from growers in their hometown, and produced our own oil. It is a very floral and aromatic oil, while being smooth and not too pungent.

Only 81 cases were produced for the entire year.

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Is Unfiltered Better?

People ask me all the time if our oil is filtered, and when I tell them yes they seem dissapointed, and ask when we will get an unfiltered oil.

This is another result of olive oil marketers duping the American public. Unfiltered oil skips one of the most expensive, time consuming, and important steps.

Benefits of Unfiltered Oil
Unfiltered oil will have a slightly stronger flavor and aroma immediately after bottling
Less expensive to produce
Downsides of Unfiltered Oil
Much decreased shelf life
After 6-7 months the unfiltered oil will turn rancid and lose its aroma and flavor quickly while our oil will be fresher.

If you saute with evoo, the particles in the unfiltered oil will reduce the smoking point of the oil, and will burn and impart a bad flavor to your saute.

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Preparing the Mill for Harvest

Paul and uncle Theodore at the press reviewing the recent cleaning in anticipation of harvest in a couple weeks

One key of quality oil is all the equipment needs to be extremely clean. With harvest just a couple weeks away, we look over the equipment to see what remains to be done.

The Malaxer, or Mixer, prepares the olive paste for the centrifuges.

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Cotton Filtered

Paul holding cotton next to the filter

One of the many reasons our olive oil is better than other oils, is we do things the old fashioned way. That means instead of using Diatomaceous earth (imagine dirt or sand) to filter our oil, we use pure white Greek cotton from local growers.
Others might scoff at us for using this slow, labor intensive, and painstaking method, but we are convinced the modern earth/dirt methods affect the flavor of the oil and muddy and dampen the brightness and freshness of the flavor profile.

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Harvest 2011- A month before, examining the Grand Crus Groves

Last week Paul was examining one of our younger trees on the road between Kalamata on Mani, a month before this years harvest, looking for signs of Dako, the olive fly

Most of our trees are in-land, but this small patch of 950 trees is on the road from Kalamata to Mani, on the rugged and rocky cliffs overlooking the bay. These trees produce an exceptional oil, and this year we will bottle our “Grand Crus” from olives we harvest from these trees.

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Tank #8 is Organic!

This is our Our 60,000 Liter tank #8, which now contains UDSA certified organic olive oil

Stay Tuned for our USDA Organic Offering, coming soon!

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Organic Chalkidiki Origin Oil On the Way (Northern Greece)

Chalkidiki Northern Greek Organic Evoo Being Packaged

Chalkidiki is where I have spent summers since childhood, and where I met my wife. It is close to my father’s hometown, and aside from having the most beautiful beaches of the Greek mainland, it has some of the most wonderfully aromatic and flavorful olive oil that Europe has to offer.

This oil is a special cooperation between our family and the Bouras family, who produce the Eleones brand of extra virgin olive oil. This is a special product, as it is exclusively handpicked, because this olive is also a table olive meant for eating, and it cannot be bruised at all during harvest.

It is also certified organic according to EU Standards/DIO.

The flavor profile is very rich and aromatic, and the flavor endures on the palate, with a medium-strong peppery finish.

We have only 498 3L tins of this oil, it is available direct from us to discriminating olive oil connoisseurs, and to our loyal chefs and restauranteurs.

Organic Chalkidiki Olives

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Wayland Farmer’s Market Russel Garden Center Wednesdays 12pm-5pm!

We came to this market as a guest, and we’ll be back every Wed. until this wonderful market closes in a few weeks.

12PM- 5PM Wednesdays
397 Boston Post Road
Wayland, MA 01778-1802
(508) 358-2283

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Extra Virgin Foods Featured in Edible Boston Fall 2011!

See us in the current issue of Edible Boston!

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Catering a celebrity wedding with Chef Ana Sortun!

Chef-Owner Ana Sortun of Oleana with Paul

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of catering the lamb roasts at a beautiful wedding for internationally acclaimed James Beard Award-Winning Chef Ana Sortun, who catered one of the most spectacular feasts we’ve seen. The three spring ewe (female) lamb were handpicked by Paul from Riverslea farm in Epping NH. Paul has roasted whole lamb over a hundred times, and frequently slaughters and butchers his own animals as well.

Our good friend Chef Abe Tsavalakoglou was in-town from Las Vegas for a few days, and he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to roast pasture raised lamb and came along to help, adding some haute-cuisine touches to the roast!

If you’re interested in whole lamb catering for your event, contact us for details.

Chef Abe makes a fresh thyme brush to baste the lamb with our Extra Virgin Oil

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Greek Eggplant and Garlic Appetizer

Here is a great eggplant and garlic recipe from my mom, which was featured in Yankee Magazine (article).

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Start to Finish Time: 30 minutes

Yield: about 2 cups

1 whole medium-size eggplant
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons ground walnuts
1 tablespoon Olympic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher or sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
Garnishes: 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley; 2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese; chopped walnuts

Cut three or four slits (about 2 inches long, 1/2 inch deep) into eggplant, coat with balsamic vinegar, and grill (or roast in 400° oven about 20 minutes) until eggplant collapses. Scoop flesh from eggplant, discard skin, and roughly chop the flesh. Place in a medium-size mixing bowl. Add ground walnuts, Olympic Extra Virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, vinegar, and garlic; mix well and check seasoning. Spoon into a serving dish and top with parsley, feta, and chopped walnuts. Serve with warm pita bread.

eggplant and garlic spread credit: Heath Robbins

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Fresh Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) now at Newton farmers Market!

Well the spinach pie turned out to be a big hit the first time we made it, so it’s a permanent addition to the menu.

We make our own phylo dough, and instead of butter use olive oil! We use organic spinach, and the result is delicious!

See you on tuesday!

The last few pieces of Spanakopita! (photo by Wendy Schapiro)

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Amfissa Olives on the way from Greece!

We just made a find! My cousin in Greece called me and said his sister’s brotherinlaw (business is always like this in Greece, family relations!) has beautiful jumbo Amfissa Olives for sale. We sampled them and loved them, and bought a truckload! They are on the way and will be available in 29lb net weight wholesale tins.

Amfissa is an excellent quality Greek table olive grown in Amfissa, Central Greece near the oracle of Delphi. Amfissa are large, round, and dark brown, and have a semi-firm bite and a wonderful nutty flavor with a lemony zing!

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Newton Farmers Market Tuesdays 1:30pm to 6pm

What a great market! Park setting, shade, homemade ice cream vendor, and an amazing selection of farmers and craft food makers.

We are here sampling our evoo, and have our famous local stuffed grape leaves available, as well as other treats made with our xv olive oil, including fresh baked olive bread, olive oil and honey cookies (no butter or sugar), and more!

Tuesday’s at Cold Spring Park, 1200 Beacon St
from July 10 through October 25
1:30 pm – 6:00 pm

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Charles Square Cambridge Farmers Market Every Friday!

Every friday you can taste and buy our evoo in Charles square (near Harvard Square)!

In addition to our evoo, we will be selling homemade Greek food, but this isn’t any Greek food, its made with local Massachusetts ingredients! We had Vaia’s famous stuffed vegetarian grape leaves, which are made by my aunt Vaia with local grape leaves from pruning that occurs at local vineyards this time of year. These delicious delights were first “discovered” when they made their way onto Oleana’s menu a couple years back. Yummy!!

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JP City Feed and Supply

These cool grocers/delis/cafes in JP now feature our evoo. We have JP on lockdown now, as all the cool little farm to table restaurants there use our oil, and now you can buy it for home as well! Now if there only wasn’t so much traffic on Centre Street all the time!

City Feed and Supply, Jamaica Plain, MA

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1st Annual Lamb and Ale Event, Lamb Roast, and Homebrewed Beer!

1st Annual Lamb N' Ale Chef's Appreciation Day!

Our family appreciates the chef’s that use our evoo in their wonderful restaurants, and we’ve become friends with most of you. We’d like to extend our Greek hospitality by inviting you to our home for what else, a lamb roast!

Furthermore Paul brewed two of his favorites home brews and will be celebrating his recent brews by sharing them with the chefs!

Lamb and Ale,can life be any better?

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Sofra Bakery

Sofra Bakery is now selling Olympic Evoo. Our oil is the exclusive finishing oil that one of our favorite Chefs and friends Ana Sortun uses, and it is now available for sale in retail bottles at Sofra. This cozy spot is a very unique bakery/cafe/market, similar to what I grew up with summers in Greece, but rare here in the States.

Sofra Bakery & cafe

Sofra Bakery & Cafe
1 Belmont Street
Cambridge, MA 02138-4404
(617) 661-3161

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Our Daughter is Born!

Two months ago baby Daniela was born, I neglected to introduce her to everyone, so here she is supervising the Easter Lamb Roast :-)

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Our Easter Lamb Roast!


This year’s Easter was a success! The weather as you know turned out to be nothing short of a perfect day. Well I decided to do a step-by-step guide to roasting a whole lamb, for those of you interested in doing it (or just call me and I’ll bring my spit to your event and cater the whole lamb!)

Feeds: 30-40lb lamb about 10-14 people, fewer if they are Greek :-)

What you need:

A Spring Lamb, preferably under 45 lbs. dressed (I get my lamb live usually and slaughter it myself, I’ll cover how to do that in another post for the bold ones in the audience)

Olympic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Wild Oregano from Mt. Olympus

Optional for stuffing:
Slices of Feta Cheese or Kaseri (1lb)
3 Chopped Onions
2-3 cut Lemons

I included photos, so you can see how I secure the lamb to the spit.
I start the fire, I don’t use liquid fuel as I believe it is unhealthy and not natural. I use the chimney, and only use hardwood charcoal, no fake briquettes, etc. I also use watersoaked applewood and some other species of wood thrown in to add a little more flavor through the smoke.

Optional Stuffing:
Stuffing for the purpose of flavoring the meat, not as in spooning stuffing like a turkey. This adds a lot of flavor to the lamb, and I do it when I’m not lazy. You have to sew the belly close tight, the cheese melts and drips and really kicks up the flavors.

The key is to slow cook, about 4-5 hours. Salt liberally, don’t worry, it won’t be too salty. I also apply the Olive Oil about once every 30 minutes, but be careful not to drip too much as it will cause a flareup.
When you cut the meat and plate it, sprinkle some oregano, a little lemon juice, and salt to taste. Yummy!

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Formaggio Kitchen!

Formaggio kitchen in Cambridge and South End Boston is now stocking our Olympic EVOO in both sizes. Be sure to ask to see their cheese “cave” when you’re there, its easy to blow $100 on cheese here, but its Oh so Good!

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Russos in Watertown,MA !

Russos in Watertown now offers both the 1L and 3L sizes of Olympic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

We’ll be there soon doing samplings and demos in their wonderful store.

Russos has a beautiful store teeming with culinary finds!

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Shubies, a Marblehead Jewel Now features Olympic Early Harvest!

I love this gourmet shop/wine shop, it is just the right size, has just the right mix of products, from wine, to a deli, to kitchen tools and other hidden treasures, in a lovely atmosphere.

Shubies now features Olympic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Shubies Marblehead

Wine, Cheese, Olive Oil, Heaven!

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Olympic Early Harvest Now Available NationWide!

Our 1L Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now being sold on Amazon.

Even better, it is being stocked and shipped by Amazon, so it qualifies for free shipping!

We had so many people across the country email us, so we decided it’s just not fair for only New Englanders to taste Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Olympic Early Harvest on Amazon

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Nice to meet everyone at Marty’s Newton today!

We went through 5 cases today at Marty’s! It was a pleasure meeting everyone who loved our Olympic EVOO. We converted some people who thought they had to spend $25 for a small bottle of olive oil to our 3L sizes of EVOO at Marty’s bargain prices.

We’ll be back soon!

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Welcome to Hungry Mother Restaurant!

One of our personal favorite restaurants finally switched to a Our Real Early Harvest Olympic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Welcome to the family guys!


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