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Our yogurt straining in a fabric Tsantila bag, to reduce the liquid and make authentic Greek yogurt

• Made in Greece

• 20g Protein per Cup!

• Highest Protein of Any Yogurt (without additives)

• Strained by hand in Tsantila (greek traditional cheesecloth)

• Grassfed milk

Nothing Added

No sugar, thickeners, gelatin, pectin, cream, powders.

No additives – GMO Free

Our milk only comes from small shepherds and herders, most of whom have less tha 50 animals. GMO animal feeds are banned in Greece thus our milk comes from grass fed animals. Moreover we do not add any additives and our yogurt is made from 100% fresh liquid milk (not Milk Solids, or Powders).

The only one made in Greece

None of the “Greek” yogurt sold by US companies is made in Greece. Most of them use additives to thicken the yogurt, and factory machines, rather than straining the yogurt in a fabric bag like we do.

About the source

Avramides family, Macedonia, Northern Greece

Produced by father and son fourth generation
cheese makers Petros and Kosta Avramides , in
the beautiful byzantine town of Kastoria, famous
for its unspoiled beauty and fur trade

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