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Early Harvest

Our Early Harvest Oilsare a bright green indicating its freshness and its origins from early harvest olives, a mark of quality not found in blended oil made from late harvest ripe olives. Early harvest November olives require more fruit to make each liter of oil, but it is prized for its superior qualities. Early Harvest Olive Oil is a relatively unknown in America, but in Greece it is the most prized oil of all, known as agourelaio, the Italians call it Olio Nuovo. This means literally unripe oil, and is the most expensive and sought after oil, with the most aroma, bright green color, and highest antioxidant content.

Only Handpicked

Olive Groves near Kalamata, the rocky hillside requires all our olives to be picked by hand. The rocky hillside terrain where our olives are grown preclude the use of machinery to harvest. Because of that the olives are only picked by hand and never touch the ground. The difference can be seen in the taste and aroma.

True Cold Pressed

Our Olives are pressed within hours of handpicking. The olives are lightly washed, then mechanically pressed carefully without the temperature exceeding 23degreescelcius in the milling equipment. A true cold press results in requiring more fruit to make the oil, but the taste and aroma is worth it.

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