CHEESE producers


Avramides family
Produced by father and son fourth generation cheese makers Petros and Kosta Avramides , in the beautiful byzantine town of Kastoria, famous for its unspoiled beauty and fur trade. Our feta is genuine Greek sheep’s milk feta. It is slightly firmer than the very soft “Americanized” versions most Greek cheeemakers send to America (who increase moisture content to reduce costs).


Ziria Mountain
The tiny Stymfalia village produces true mountain cheese, its fairy tale like bucolic grassy terrain are ideal for cheese production. The cheesemaker is at 800 meters altitude, and the milk is collected from as high as 1900 meters. Here the tradition is to handcraft barrel aged feta cheese, and our producer is the regional governor, and helped preserve the region’s history by spearheading the effort to built the Stymfalia museum.

Kalamata, Peloponnese

Petropoulos family,
Father Thanasi and son Giorgo, produce exceptional quality hard cheeses. Here we source our PDO SFELA cheese, a local cheese known in the Kalamata region, as the “feta of the fire”, it is firmer than feta, and can be grilled or fried without melting. They also produce our Kefalotiri, and Graviera cheese, both of which are award winning.


Mt. Olympus, Northern Greece
Elassona village is famous for its dairy production, nestled between peaks of the famous Mt. Olympus, on a beautiful lush green plateau. Here we source our grass fed feta cheese when our own facility cannot keep up with demand.

Sitia, Crete

Papadakis Estate
True story, since 2010 we have tried thousands of olive oils, met hundreds of producers, and never found another oil suitable for bottling as Olympiana Early Harvest, until we tried the oil from the Papadakis family in January of 2015. 100% of the olives are from the family, in world famous Sitia on the island of Crete, together with Kalamata the most famous olive oil producing region in Greece.

Androusa, Kalamata

Kontopoulos Estate
We have worked with the Kontopoulos family for generations, and they are famous in southern Greece for their quality. They are both growers and olive millers. Located in the village of Androusa, 15 km from Kalamata, this is the olive capital of the world.


Halkidiki is in northern Greece, Macedonia.
Halkidiki is in northern Greece, Macedonia. Known for its dazzling beaches, greenery, and
famous green table olives, we are the only USA source of the rare olive oil this region

olive oil producers

FIGS producers


Grown on Evia island Greece,
recognized in Europe as the finest dried figs in the world, our Olympiana Jumbo White figs boast a thin delicate skin, and a delicious sweet taste. Their appearance is a dazzling golden white, and are very large. In addition to looking better on the shelf, our figs are the best tasting in the world. In blind taste tests our figs are preferred over California, Turkish, and Kalamata Greek figs. Our harvest occurs every August, and lasts approximately the entire month. The figs are naturally sundried, not in ovens or with chemicals. And unlike Turkish figs, no methyl bromide is used, nor is potassium sorbate used as in most

California onesOur figs are hand selected, every harvest the villages are teeming with activity as only the best quality is set aside for our customers in the USA. Excellent on a cheese and charcuterie plate , or on their own as a high fiber snack. For more information see