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guaranteed shelf life:180 days

Produced in Stymfalia Greece, This style of feta is of the “barrel aged” variety, a traditionally crafted cheese, where the cheese is instead of being aged in metal for 30‐-60 days, is aged in handcrafted beechwood barrels, for 4-‐6 months. The process is more labor and time intensive than regular Greek feta, but the result is a delicious, complex, creamy flavor. Packed in the brine, with a porthole in the lid, so the consumer sees it’s in the brine for maximum flavor and shelf life! The only 7 oz in brine Greek barrel aged feta sold in the US.


Feta uncovered by brine lasts only a matter of days, so as you consume your feta cheese and the brine no longer covers the cheese, remember to add a mixture of water and salt (6-8%), to top up the level in the container.

About the source

Ziria Mountain
The tiny Stymfalia village produces true mountain cheese, its fairy tale like bucolic grassy terrain are ideal for cheese production.

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