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The most popular olive in the world is the famed Kalamata olive, which we offer the original authentic version, grown in the towns and villages around the city of Kalamata and Sparta, which are the best Kalamata olive growing regions in Greece.

Authentic Product of Greece

The majority of olives sold in the USA masquerading
as Greek are not, and are inferior imitations from
other origins.

Unpasteurized, for full flavor and peak texture

We use traditional curing methods, and take the
extra steps necessary to offer our olives without the
need for pasteurization, which “cooks” the olives
altering taste and texture.

Preservative Free

We do not use preservatives, anti-fungal chemicals,
or firming agents, as does the majority of our
competition. Don’t take our word for it, submit our
olives to lab analysis and do the same to those of
our competition, regardless of what their ingredient
list says!

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